How To Make Amateur Rockets

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Rockets & Rocket Motors

Written For Both The Novice & Experienced Amateur

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Launch Your Amateur Rocketry Dreams

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This 230 page book is illustrated with photographs and drawings covering every aspect of amateur rocketry. Written by a rocket propulsion engineer, John Wickman, with 44 years of professional experience in solid, liquid and exotic propulsion systems.

Anyone can start making their own motors and rockets with this book, even if you never made a rocket or rocket motor in your life. You don't need a college degree in chemistry or engineering to be successful with this bookset. Even if you know absolutely nothing about making rockets and rocket motors, all the information you need is in the book and video.

This first half of the book tells you how to design and build a rocket motor while the last half tells you how to design and build a rocket for your motor. Don't confuse this book with other books showing you how to make rocket motors. Their books show you how to make a few designs. If you want to make something different, you are out of luck. Our book shows you how to design and build your rocket motor out of PVC pipe and fittings or aluminum cases. We give you the knowledge to design and build your own rocket motor for the thrust-time curve you want.

But, the book is not just written for the novice. If you are designing motors based on a  spreadsheet, it is time to move up and start designing your motors for the precise thrust-time curve you want.  We will show you how to calculate the limits of your motor case and design a solid rocket motor that does not exceed those limits.  The book also explains how to design a rocket that will be stable off the launch rod, even in high wind conditions.  The book also explains how to get an FAA waiver for your high power rockets so you are always flying legally.

What makes this book package unique is the software and video that come with it. While the book is fully illustrated with photographs and drawings, there are some things such as mixing and casting propellant, making nozzles, folding parachutes and assembling rocket motors that are best shown by watching someone do it. In our included video, you will see someone do all of these things and lots more. It is like having a personal instructor in your house showing you how to do it. The DVD video presents each of the sections from a menu (one page of the DVD menu shown at left) so you can watch just one section or the whole video.

Of course, if you want a real instructor rather than a video, you can always sign up for our "hands on" motor design class that includes the complete bookset. The "How To Make Amateur Rockets" book is also used as the textbook in the Introduction To Rocketry course (ES-1100) taught at Casper College. The bookset is being used by high school rocket groups like the one in Glasco, Kansas shown on the right getting ready to launch their scratch. 

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Look At The Software Included With The Book!

What makes modern amateur rocketry so different from the days of "October Sky" in the 1950's and 60's is the personal computer. Today, amateurs can test their rocket and rocket motor designs on their personal computers to see if the designs will work before a single part is built. CP Technologies was one of the first company to develop and bundle rocketry software together for amateur rocketry. Unlike software offered by other companies, our software has been extensively tested in the amateur and professional environment. 

It has been used to successfully design the student Pathfinder rocket launched at NASA Wallops (Above left). This rocket was 100% designed and built (including the solid rocket motor) by Casper College and University of Cinncinatti students. Our sofware has been used to design even larger rockets such as the S1 sounding rocket developed under NASA contract. The software bundled with the bookset will help you formulate solid propellant, design solid rocket motors and rockets. 

CP Technologies Software Included With The Bookset

Freeware Software Included With The Bookset

Save Money Making Your Own Motors, Reloads and Rockets!

You can be saving over $50 on J class reloads by making your own motor or reload and save $100's on larger impulse reloads and motors. Don't fall for the myth that you don't save money making your own motors and reloads. Click here for an actual cost analysis on a 54mm Aerotech J90W reload.

But, Your Savings Don't Stop There!

With this bookset, you will not have to pay a hundred dollars or more for a rocket kit. After all, what are you really buying with that rocket kit? You are paying for the time someone took to design that rocket. Plastic nosecones and cardboard tubes don't cost a hundred dollars or more. With our "How To Make Amateur Rockets" bookset, you will be able to design your own stable rockets. Tired of showing up to launches with the same rocket as everyone else with only a different paint job? Break Free From The Pack!! Start designing the rockets you want to fly and save money, too! 

Videos Of Rockets & Motors
Designed With Our Bookset!

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10) Do I Need To Be Certified By Any Organization Like Tripoli or NAR?

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The bookset package includes rocket design software for successfully designing your rocket and motor on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers plus a DVD for "Virtual Personal Instruction". The book, software and DVD are all included with your order.

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