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THERM Thermo-Ablation Software - Version 3.1

THERM Calculates the Ablation of Nozzles and Insulation
Inside Your Rocket Motor Plus Aerodynamic Heating Effects On Your Rocket

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THERM User Interface

THERM is a one dimensional, transient thermal-ablation program that will calculate a material's ablation plus the temperature profile through it and any other materials behind it.. The user can do an analysis anywhere in the nozzle such as the throat location to calculation throat erosion or inside the combustion chamber to calculate insulation erosion and the temperature profile through the insulation and chamber wall. THERM also calculates the temperature and ablation due to aerodynamic heating at locations you select on your rocket. The amount of ablation and temperature profiles are output as a function of time as shown below.

therm2.jpg - 68.3 K

Output of THERM Listing Ablation and Temperature Profile Through the Material.

With THERM, you will never have to wonder what the throat erosion of your nozzle will be or whether a key part of your rocket engine will get too hot. You will be able to calculate it. The calculated throat erosion rate can be used in FPRED to get an accurate prediction of your rocket motor's performance.

THERM - Version 3.1
The Software For Successfully
Designing Amateur Rockets

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