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CG-Calc (Version 2)

Calculates a Rocket's Center of Gravity and Weight Before You Build It

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CG-Calc User Interface

You cannot decide if your rocket is stable if you only know the location of the center of pressure. You need to know if the center of pressure is aft of your rocket's center of gravity. But how are you going to know where the center of gravity is until you build your rocket? And if the center of gravity is in the wrong place for stability, what then? Add nose weight or make the fins bigger? Adding weight to your rocket and ripping fins off is not the answer! Now, there is an easier way with CG-Calc.

This software program will tell you where your rocket's center of gravity is before you build it. All you have to do is estimate or measure the weight of the components you will be using in your rocket. You input their location on your rocket and CG-Calc tells you where the center of gravity is referenced to the nosecone tip, where most center of pressure programs reference the center of pressure. You look at the calculated center of pressure and center of gravity and determine if your rocket is stable before you build it. As an added bonus, CG-Calc will also tell you the lift off weight of your rocket. You will need to know that in designing your rocket motor so you will have enough power off the pad.

The Software For Successfully
Designing Amateur Rockets

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