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Pathfinder Rocket

Designed and Built By University of Cincinnati,
Casper College & Natrona County School District Students

Students Successfully Static Fire "Q" Class
Ammonium Nitrate Composite Propellant

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The static firing of the motor was held on Saturday, May 17th. The test was successful. The motor did not experience any thermal or structural problems during the test. Chamber pressure and thrust were measured during the test. A preliminary examination of the data indicates the delivered impulse of the motor was 18,728 lb - seconds (83,301 newton - seconds). This is about 92% of the theoretical impulse for this propellant formulation and motor design. The impulse of the motor puts it in the "Q" class of motors.

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Students Prepare The Motor (Left) & Final Checks On The Data Acquisition System (Right)

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Tightening Chains Holding The Motor In Place (Left) & One Final Check Before The Test (Right)

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Rocket Motor During Static Firing

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Natrona County School District/Casper College Students & Instructors After Successful Static Firing