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Launch Your Amateur Rocketry Dreams

CP Technologies was the first company with a comprehensive book, video and software set explaining in detail how to make composite solid rocket propellant motors and amateur rockets. The purpose of the bookset was to help amateurs, with no prior knowledge of rockets and motors, to design, build and launch rockets successfully. While the bookset is comprehensive, you may still have questions, have problems, or need more information. This page is here for you to find the help you need and provide you with additional resources for you to be successful. If you can't find what you need here, you can email us at

Where to Find Rocketry Supplies

The bookset provides a list of potential suppliers and we have provided a link to a web page that list additional suppliers. The list is constantly changing as companies go out of business and new ones take their place. In addition to our list, a good way to located chemical suppliers for propellant chemicals is to do a Google search for pyrotechnic suppliers. You will find others we have not listed. We often get emails from people wondering about annual purchase limits from some companies. These are restriction put in place by those companies. Most companies do not have an annual purchase limit and do not require ATFE permits to make a purchase. Shop around and find the best deal for you

Click here for a list of Suppliers

Rocket Motor Testing & Supplies

There is an entire chapter in the book devoted to static firing your rocket motor. However, we have provided additional information along with sources for instrumentation and data acquisition equipment that can be useful to you.

Click here for information on Motor Testing & Supplies

Propellant Formulas

We have provided a link to a web page with some propellant formulas you can use in your motors. It is important to note that your burn rate parameters may be different from those listed on the page. This is due to particle size and shape. It is best to make a simple motor and instrument it with a pressure transducer to measure chamber pressure. This will give you a check on the burn rate parameters. If they appear to be different from those on the web page, you will need to recharacterize the propellant for your chemicals. Particle size and shape vary greatly from suppliers and these changes can in some cases make major changes in the burn rate parameters.

"How To Make Amateur Rockets" Bookset Supporting Information

Software installation instructions and user's manuals for the bookset software are included on the software CD. You can also download these instructions using the link below.

Click here for software installation instructions Click here for software user's manual

There are periodic corrections and updates to the "How To Make Amateur Rockets" book. Click on the link below for the latest updates and corrections.

Click here for book updates and corrections Click here for blank FAA waiver form Click here for motor designs