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July 19 - 22, 2017
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

September 13 - 16, 2017
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

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Tuition Is $245

You Must Answer "Yes" To The Following Statement By Clicking On The "Yes" Button
To Be Enrolled In The Introduction To Amateur Rocketry (AE-101) Class


(1) I hereby authorize CP Technologies to call 911 for any medical emergency care necessary for my medical well being during the Introduction To Amateur Rocketry (AE-101) class.
(2) CP Technologies is not responsible for injuries that might occur to me while participating in this class.
(3) Refunds of the class fee will only be given to those students who are absent for medical reason or if classes are cancelled. The student will be expelled from the class without refund, if the student's behavior is judged by the Instructor to be disruptive or dangerous to the other students in the class.
(4) I do hereby release to CP Technologies all rights to publish in its brochure and publications and any other media of communications, newspapers, internet or magazines and waive all claims of any kind now known to me or at any time in the future arising out of the use of photos, printed material or articles directly concerned or connected with my participation in Introduction To Amateur Rocketry (AE-101) class.

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