Abdul M. Ismail

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Abdul Ismail stands beside his "Golden Bengal" rocket holding the flag of Bangladesh just before lift-off. This is a rocket Abdul had been working on for some time and it's day of flight had finally arrived. The rocket was constructed out of 6" lightweight PVC pipe, PVC sheet fins and a Public Missiles nosecone.

Powered by a 4 inch PVC pipe ammonium nitrate motor, it lifted off the pad slowly and went downrange. The "Golden Bengal" climbed to an altitude of a couple of thousand feet and landed about three miles from the launch site.

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The "Golden Bengal" takes to the Skies

Abdul was one of the first members of the High Plains Rocket Society. He has since graduated with a Master of Space Studies at the International Space University and recently completed a Consulting Contract on In-Situ Propulsion for Mars Sample Return for the European Space Agency, via Surrey Satellite Technology Limited.

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