High Plains Rocket Society
Casper, Wyoming

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The High Plains Rocket Society is dedicated to the promotion of high power and amateur rocketry. FAA waivers permit rockets to be launched to an altitude of 10,000 ft above ground level.

High Plains Rocket Society Members
With "Cool" Pictures

The High Plains Rocket Society started in 1995 with about three members who wanted to fly high power and amateur rockets. The biggest problem was finding a launch site where we could fly large size rockets. We finally found a place, filed for our FAA waiver and started flying. Since the formation of the group, we have had fliers from Montana, Colorado and Utah at our launches.

We are an informal group and don't have meetings or collect dues. We just go out and fly rockets. Everyone pitches in to set up the launch pads and support equipment and helps take it down when we are done. Below are profiles of some our members.

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