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The Amateur Rocketry Society
of America

Promoting Amateur Rocketry
In The United States



Legislative Efforts

rocket2.jpg - 13.0 KThe Amateur Rocketry Society of America's (ARSA) goal is to enable US citizens to enjoy all forms of amateur rocketry. Amateur rocketry has its roots with the early pioneers such as Goddard, Oberth and Von Braun. oberth.JPG - 21.4 K In those days, there were no professionals, only amateurs experimenting with different rocket designs and rocket motors. In the 20th century, amateurs moved on to professional rocketry, but the traditions of amateur rocketry continue to this day. Amateur rocketry is different from model or high power rocketry in that the rocket motors are made by the amateur. Many of our people have moved up from model or high power rocketry to amateur rocketry while others just started at the amateur level by making their own rocket motors and rockets.

To help people with filing waivers and to provide technical information to help the amateur with technical issues in designing and building their rockets, ARSA has developed a resources page to help with these issues. You will find answers to basic questions like how much powder to use in ejection charges and how big should my rocket's fin be?